Who Do We Cater To

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Supporting women entrepreneurs is crucial for achieving gender equality in business. We provide tailored resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to empower and uplift women in entrepreneurship.

Young Founders

Young entrepreneurs often possess fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. We offer guidance and resources to help them navigate the challenges of starting and scaling their businesses.

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For corporate professionals looking to transition into entrepreneurship, we offer support in terms of skill transfer, market analysis, and strategic planning to make a successful shift.

Cottage Industries

We recognize the importance of preserving and modernizing cottage industries. Our programs aim to help cottage industry businesses grow, adapt to changing markets, and preserve traditional craftsmanship.

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Rural entrepreneurs often face unique challenges. We provide access to financial resources, training, and market linkages to promote rural economic development.


We welcome entrepreneurs with ambitious global visions. Our global network and resources help them expand their businesses internationally and address global challenges.

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Tech revolution are at the forefront of innovation. We offer resources to help them develop cutting-edge technologies, secure funding, and navigate regulatory landscapes.

Family Business

Family businesses play a significant role in the economy. We offer guidance on succession planning, governance, and modernization to ensure the longevity and prosperity of these businesses.

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Social entrepreneurs are committed to creating a positive social impact. We provide support to help them develop sustainable models and measure their social and environmental impact.

Many more

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends beyond these categories. We are open to supporting entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, industries, and stages of business development. We tailor our resources to meet their unique needs and aspirations.

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